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It is MGEV training season here in Georgia, and we are anticipating the welcome of several hundred new MGEV trainees within the space of a few months! It is always a time of high excitement and lots of activity. Getting everyone registered for training, making sure speakers are in place, testing computers and projectors, and making signs to direct people to the right place are important steps for helping new folks feel comfortable. Will you join me in connecting with new friends?

  • Maybe you are a project coordinator who has volunteered to briefly share your project during class. This is really helpful to new volunteers so that they can become familiar with local projects. It helps them make a plan for their 50 hours of volunteer service after training ends. Maybe you can connect new volunteers with other projects, too.
  • Are you a frequent volunteer at the Extension office? Maybe you could show new trainees around. Show them where MGEVs work when they are at the office, where they hang their coat, or where they might find publications or resources to answer questions from the public. Introduce them to the office staff!
  • Maybe you are a long-time supporter of a particular project willing to show some new volunteers how to also support the project. Confidence increases when new volunteers can volunteer alongside veterans.
  • Does your county have a mentor program? Maybe you have agreed to guide a trainee through their first year. You remember how many new experiences there will be! It is so nice to have a friendly voice on the phone or in email and a friendly face at meetings and events. Having that mentor connection can keep new volunteers engaged in the program all the way to graduation!
  • Maybe you are coordinating the monthly speakers and potluck lunches for MGEVs to continue their learning. Don’t forget to ask the new trainees! I bet they would enjoy getting to know veteran MGEVs and really enjoy that opportunity to connect.
  • Are you really comfortable with MGLOG? Maybe you an offer to show new trainees how to record their hours in the system or how to complete RMT through their user account.

Just a few ideas for welcoming new MGEV trainees and helping them settle in! Have other ideas? Share them in the comments box!

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