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About Madison Warbington

County Agriculture & Natural Resources Agent in Macon County. B.S.A. Animal Science, UGA. Master of Animal and Dairy Science, UGA.

UPW Weed Update

Please see the below update from UGA’s weed specialist, Dr. Prostko: Using Pesticides Wisely 2021 and Paraquat Training Update (Stanley Culpepper – UGA and Jesse Kelly and Jennifer Wren – GDA). Using Pesticides Wisely (UPW) 2021 virtual trainings are nearly completed with only three more opportunities available (table below). This…
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September Soybean Pests

In the last few weeks, I have received several calls about mid to late season soybean pests. The main questions I have been getting are, “There is a lot of defoliation damage, have I reached threshold? What do you recommend I spray?” First, we need identify what pests are present.
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August 2020 Ag News Update

Peanut rust (Puccinia arachidis) is being found in fields across our state and area. This is different from early or late leafspot. Many growers have 2 or more fungicide applications to go until harvest.  They must remain vigilant.  Where rust is an imminent threat, shortening spray intervals, example from 14…
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07/16 Row Crop Disease Update

Good morning, please read below for a current update on row crop diseases from our disease specialist, Dr. Robert Kemerait: Southern corn rust was found yesterday in Terrell, Houston, and Bleckley Counties – it looked like it had been there a little while.  The picture below is of an infected…
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Disease Update

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. It was nice to finally get some rain to our crops over the past week and a half. With rain and the time of season comes the increased risk of development and spread of diseases in our row crops. I encourage our…
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