How to Certify Your Georgia Green Landscape

1. Review the Education Components

After reviewing the education components, see if your landscape meets some of the scorecard metrics. You can choose to implement any additional components and practices from the program to increase your sustainability factor!

2. Fill out the Metric Scorecard

When you have completed your landscape projects and are happy with your efforts, please check off the achieved sustainable practices from the scorecard for point values. Action items already existing or practiced in your landscape can be counted too, so check those boxes as well! Add your education component subtotals to create your grand points total at the bottom of the list. A minimum number of 70 points will be necessary to meet the requirements and gain “Certified Georgia Landscape” status.

3. Send your scorecard to Camden County Extension

Mail or email your completed scorecard to Camden County Extension for review and you will receive your certificate, and yard sign if ordered.

Program Launch Webinar (recorded 3/15/2021). Learn how the Georgia Green Landscape Stewards program works.
You have the option to purchase this attractive weather resistant aluminum yard sign when you complete the certification form. The sign can be mounted on most surfaces and measures 8.5 inches wide by 9 inches high.