Keith Mickler

  • Why should I attend NACAA AM/PIC?

    I was recently asked the following question, “Keith, why should I attend the National Association of County Agricultural Agents Annual Meeting and Professional Improvement Conference?”  Here is why: It’s a great way to see other parts of the U.S. that otherwise, you might not ever consider visiting. You can take your family along with you;…

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  • NACAA Deadlines Fast Approaching

    Communications Awards by Kim Post Now that we are in March, you have (less than) two weeks remaining to apply for NACAA/GACAA Communications Awards. They are due March 15, 2022, and can include any materials you have used in your programming since March 15, 2021. I would definitely encourage you to apply as there are…

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  • Membership Drive Ending this Week!

    This is the last week of the 2022 membership drive for the Georgia Association of County Agricultural Agents (GACAA) and the National Association of County Agricultural Agents (NACAA)!  If you haven’t renewed membership, what better time than now. Membership is open to UGA Extension and Fort Valley State Extension professionals, and other UGA professionals having a…

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