Sunday night marked the first night of getting together with fellow NACAA members in the hospitality rooms.  The NACAA tradition is those who are running for office or states looking to host a future AM PIC have a party complete with stickers, fun give aways, food and beverage.  As a NACAA member, it’s your chance to meet the candidate, learn who they are, and their qualifications as a candidate for office in NACAA or why we should  choose them as a future host state.

For the office of Vice President this year, Florida has put up candidate Gene McAvoy.  Running for the office of secretary is Ginny Rosenkranz from Maryland and Ron Patterson from Utah.  Running for treasurer is Chris Bruynis from Ohio and Lenny Rogers from North Carolina.

Hosting an AM PIC is decided years in advance and the Northeast states are proposing to host the 2021 AM PIC on July 4-8, 2021 in Philadelphia, PA.

Monday night will conclude the hospitality rooms and on Tuesday morning, our GACAA delegates along with the other states will vote on the candidates and the 2021 location.  Stay tuned for the voting results.

Other activities tonight include Dine with a Utah Specialist, the 4-H Talent Revue, and state pictures.  Georgia members should plan to gather for our state picture immediately after the 4-H Talent Revue at the North Foyer Grand staircase.  Family members are welcome to join us and be in the state photo.



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