• A Japanese beetle on a leaf with many areas that have been chewed.

    Spring has sprung, and those warming temperatures have many of us outside planting – and fighting weeds. Unfortunately, spring heralds the arrival of pests of all kinds. The gut reaction of many gardeners is to grab a spray bottle from the shelf and dose the offender with a generous coating of pesticide. But there are…

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  • A map of Georgia showing areas of increased presence of Radon.

    Radon is an odorless, colorless gas that causes around 800 deaths in Georgia each year. Every January, the UGA Radon Program urges Georgians to test for the presence of radon gas in their homes. As part of COVID-19 pandemic safety measures, many of us are spending more time at home. This makes it even more…

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  • A golden, roasted turkey surrounded by traditional side dishes

    A family to cook for, a big bird to roast, and too many cooks in the kitchen can lead to food-borne illness from holiday dining. But handling and cooking a turkey shouldn’t be an illness waiting to happen. Following basic recommendations will help ensure safe food and prevent food-borne illness for diners–not only during the…

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  • Drink for Your Health

    small spaniel dog next to water bowl.

    Remembering to stay hydrated is always difficult when Georgia summers bring stifling heat. Add the element of wearing masks due to COVID-19, and drinking enough fluid becomes an even trickier task. But forgetting to drink water and other hydrating fluids can cause dehydration and associated negative health impacts. Signs of mild to moderate dehydration include…

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  • A cluttered and chaotic room.

    Clutter is a word that is defined differently for every person. To some, having many items surrounding them in their home might make them feel secure. To others, that could cause frustration and a need to have fewer things in their personal space. Tendencies toward acquiring and keeping possessions is not the same for everyone,…

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  • Pile of vegetable food scraps.

    According to the USDA-ERS, in one year, approximately 133 billion pounds (31%) of the 430 billion pounds of available food supply at the retail and consumer levels, with an estimated retail value of $162 billion, was wasted. On top of that is the value of inputs, such as land, water, labor, and energy that were…

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  • A box of pumpkins, the top one painted with a silly face.

    Elizabeth Andress and Judy Harrison, Family and Consumer Sciences, University of Georgia Harvest decorating is a sure sign that fall has arrived! Pumpkins can do double duty as harvest decorations and provide a powerhouse of good nutrition and savory flavor for meals and snacks. Use non-toxic paint or markers to decorate faces for Halloween, and…

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  • A bunch of red and green apples.

    Did you know that once an apple tree begins to bear fruit, it will do so for a century? Today, there are over 2,500 varieties of apples grown in the United States. Fall weather brings the best fresh apples in bushels. While we are in a season of peak apple production in many states, you…

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  • An ear of corn still on the stalk

    Barbara Worley, FACS Agent, UGA Extension Forsyth County Corn is a delicious and nutrient dense food that’s used as food for humans and animals throughout the world. Fresh corn is 74% water and has 96 calories per ear. Canned corn has 133 calories per cup. A 1 cup serving of corn provides 5 grams of…

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  • A piece of honeycomb with two bees on it.

    In honor of National Pollinator Week (June 19 – 25, 2017), we’re taking a look at the delicious and nutritious side of what our honeybee pollinator friends produce for our use and enjoyment. You can find local honey at the Cumming Farmers Market, across from the fairgrounds on Castleberry Road, on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

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