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The Evans County Peanut Growth Regulator Plot was plant at Bell Farms in Evans County. Two varieties were planted and one treatment was sprayed with a growth regualtor and one was left as an untreated check. The two varieties were GA 06-G and GA 12-Y. The growth regulator did not seem not have much effect on yield with the GA-06G, but the GA 12-Y saw about a 500 lb. yield increase when compared to the untreated. The yield results are posted below.

The grades for the GA 12-Y Untreated were 67 % Total SMK and 5% other kernels. The 12-Y Treated graded 60% Total SMK and 8% other kernels. The GA-06G Untreated graded 70 % Total SMK and 4% other kernels. The GA-06G Treated graded 74% Total SMK and 3% other kernels.

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