Eastern Lubber nymphs

The weather is warm and people are starting to work in the yard more.  You may have spotted some small black grasshoppers with one or more orange, yellow or red stripes on their front legs, and down the middle of their body. These are young lubbers or as we locals call them “Georgia Thumpers.”  These nymphs will molt five times, increasing in size and go through subtle changes before reaching adulthood.  They tend to travel in groups looking to feed on your daylilies, daffodils, and amaryllis leaves since they are mostly foliage feeders.  However, you may spot some on other flowers or even your vegetables.

Controlling them when they are young is the key to success.  Spraying them directly with pesticides like carbaryl, bifenthrin or permethrin can be very effective. Read the pesticide carefully before application. Once they reach adulthood, stomp them or cut them in half with scissors to kill them.

Eastern Lubber adult

I have attached a University of Florida IFAS Extension Publication about Eastern Lubber Grasshopper to read more about Eastern Lubber Grasshoppers.

UF IFAS Extension Easter Lubber Grasshopper IN13200

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