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  • Spring is here and homeowners need to be on the look out for turfgrass diseases that may popup during the year. Below is excellent information on this subject from Alfredo Martinez, UGA Turf Plant Pathologist. Large Patch. Large patch is caused by the soilborne fungus Rhizoctonia solani AG 2-2 LP. The disease can infect all species of…

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  • This time of year, I see homeowners turn on their lawn irrigation systems. One of the keys to maintaining a healthy and attractive home lawn is proper irrigation but problems can occur if not managed properly.  During times of drought and high temperatures, it is important to understand how to properly water in order to…

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  • How do I control common lespedeza in my lawn? Common lespedeza is a summer annual legume that can be a challenge to control in lawns. As common lespedeza matures, the stem hardens and become woody. This allows this weed to persist into the late summer. Flowers can be pink to purple. Below are examples of…

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