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Cucurbit Yellow Stunt Disorder Virus detected in Georgia on cucumber and cantaloupe

Cucurbit yellow stunt disorder virus (CYSDV) has been confirmed on cucumber and cantaloupe samples in GA. Symptoms: Initial symptom starts with chlorotic (yellow) spotting, which gradually develops into a distinct interveinal chlorosis (yellowing). The veins of the leaf remain green but the rest of the leaf turns bright yellow giving an appearance as that…
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Whitefly Issues in Vegetables

Below is an update on whitefly issues in vegetables from Dr. Alton “Stormy” Sparks (Extension Vegetable Entomologist, UGA, Tifton) Everyone knows we have ridiculous pest pressure from whiteflies this fall. We were hoping that the rain from the recent hurricane would cause extensive adult mortality and provide some relief. While…
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Update on Fall Vegetable Diseases

Below is a brief update on fall vegetable diseases from Dr. Bhabesh Dutta (Extension Vegetable Pathologist, UGA, Tifton) Cucumber downy mildew has been reported from few counties in GA in Fall watermelon and cucumbers. This disease can cause severe defoliation and vine decline resulting in significant yield loss. As a preventative…
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Cabbage Fertility

Around Colquitt County, I have noticed that farmers are already preparing land for fall vegetable crops so I thought it would be a good to write about the fertility requirements for cabbage. The best fertility management programs are based off of soil tests taken from the field areas where the cabbage is to…
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