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Peanuts in Colquitt County range from just planted to 45 days old. Fungicide program questions are going to become more common as the year goes on. Below are a few words from Dr. Bob on fungicide programs.

We have quite a few peanuts that are 30+ days old and I’ve started getting a couple of questions about what fungicide to spray first.
Here is some information below from Dr. Kemerait:
1. Consult Peanut Rx to determine risk. Lower risk fields have better options.
2. Did your grower use Velum in-furrow? If so, grower can most likely start a program at 40-45 days after planting.
3. Most growers will start their program 30-35 days after planting. Most any leaf spot fungicide (applied at correct rate) is appropriate at this timing. This includes chlorothalonil, but fungicides like Absolute Maxx, Approach Prima, etc. also work well early.
4. Growers who start a leaf spot fungicide program at 45 days should recognize that the BEST products here (in my opinion and I have lots of opinions based upon results from our research trials with Dr. Albert Culbreth and Dr. Tim Brenneman) include Priaxor.

PEANUT RX — The link below contains fungicide programs from numerous companies such as FMC, Nichino, Bayer, BASF, Syngenta, Corteva and Valent. If you have questions please contact your local county Extension agent.