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The Georgia Corn Production Contest (High Yield) is designed to recognize the State’s growers who
produce high yields, and to gather valuable extension data regarding production practices necessary to obtain those yields.
Any Georgia corn grower is eligible to enter the contest. A grower may make more than one entry, and
are encouraged to make more than one entry. To participate, the grower must contact their local UGA County Extension Agent, at least two days prior to harvest, so they may be present during the harvest process and conduct the supervised yield check.
The harvest area must consist of six or more adjacent rows (excluding edge of field border rows or skips
larger than planted corn row spacing) and be a minimum of 1.25 contiguous acres in one field. Field
measurements are to be made by the county agent and should consist of two width measurements (along the front and back of the harvested area, which should equal the number of rows multiplied by the row width), length of the first and last harvested row, and length half-way between the first and last row. Immediately prior to harvest, the agent must have the grower run the combine and auger until clean and make sure any transport equipment has been emptied. After harvest, corn should be weighed on a state inspected scale (grain cart scales CANNOT be used). The original weigh ticket, with the company who owns the scale and the name of the person who weighed the load, must be turned in with the entry form. Corn moisture must be determined by a local grain buyer or calculated by an experienced person with moisture tester (if using this method, use the average of three consecutive readings). Each entry is to be accompanied with a complete description of variable production practices, which will be used to compare production costs as well as to determine the combination of management practices leading to high yield.
Recognition of production winners will be made at the annual UGA Corn Short Course hosted at the
Tifton Conference Center. Awards will be presented to the highest state yields for irrigated and non-irrigated corn. Please provide as much detail as possible surrounding production practices as the information garnered through this program will assist in guiding the UGA Corn team in future research and extension efforts.
Grower specific information will never be shared, but general production practices may be summarized for use in local county level meetings (e.g. Plant Population by Row Spacing, Tissue Sampling regimen, etc.).
Entries should be emailed to ethredge@uga.edu or Dr. Richard Roth. Entries for the National Corn
Growers Association High Yield contest will also be accepted and the National Entry Form may be submitted in place of the state entry form. Entries should be received no later than December 1st of the current year.

The 2022 Georgia Corn Production Contest form is below.

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