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2021 UGA On Farm Cotton Variety Trials.

The results from the 2021 UGA On Farm Cotton Variety Trial program are available. The Colquitt County site was located at the Sun Belt Ag Expo this past year. If you have any questions about this program, please contact your local county Extension agent.

Harvesting plot at Sunbelt Ag Expo, October 2021

Below are results from another irrigated on farm cotton variety demonstration in Colquitt County. This plot consisted of planting 10 varieties, and each variety was replicated three times. Cotton samples are taken and sent to the UGA Microgin and classing office for turnout and fiber quality data.

2021 Colquitt County Extension on farm cotton variety trial Davis

VarietyLint Yield Per AcreTurnout%
DG 3615 B3XF142039.29
DPL 2038 B3XF141641.52
DG 3799 B3XF138940.69
DPL 1840 B3XF138239.17
Armor 9371 B3XF137140.06
DPL 1646 B2XF136638.87
ST 5091 B3XF135139.89
ST 4990 B3XF133237.84
DPL 2141 B3XF128138.62
NG 4936 B3XF102436.84
Bolded yields are not significantly different.

Harvesting cotton variety plot, Colquitt County, November 2021

Fiber quality data from the trial is listed below.

DPL 163631394.329.32031-
DPL 203831354.529.01031-
DPL 184031374.528.32031-
DPL 214131374.831.22031-
DG 379931374.430.03031-
DG 361531374.529.72031-
AR 937131374.529.31031-
ST 499031384.631.51031-
ST 509131364.528.32031-
NG 493621394.330.02021-

I would like to thank Bayer Crop Science, DynaGro Seeds, GreenPoint Ag, Stoneville, Americot, Phytogen, Sun Belt Ag Expo, 4NACB Consulting, and Davis Family Farms, for all the help on these projects.

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