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The last few years I have had the great opportunity to work with Mr. Gene Hart, Colquitt County Young Farmer Advisor with various on farm research projects at the Packer Park Farm in Colquitt County. The research in 2020 focused on the management of root knot nematodes in cotton.

This irrigated plot was planted on June 3rd, 2020 and harvested on December 10 and 11, 2020. This test consisted of 4 row plots and rows averaged 930 feet long. The row spacing was 38 inches.

Treatments included:

  1. Phytogen 443 W3FE*
  2. Phytogen 400 W3FE*
  3. Phytogen 480 W3FE*
  4. DPL 1747 B2XF*
  5. DPL 1646 B2XF*
  6. DPL 1646 B2XF + Velum Total 16 oz/A
  7. DPL 1646 B2XF + Telone 3 gallon per acre*
  8. DPL 1646 B2XF + Propulse 13.7 oz/A
  9. DPL 1646 B2XF + Aglogic 5lb/A
  10. Stoneville 5600 B2XF*

Telone was applied on June 2nd.

*Admire 9.2 oz/A was applied in furrow for thrips control.

The root gall ratings and nematode samples could not have been possible without the help from Dr. Bob Kemerait, UGA Plant Pathologist. Below are the late season rootgall ratings from the Packer Park plot.

Nematode samples were taken after harvest and the results are shown below. If you would like more information on sampling for nematodes and interpreting the results the UGA publication Guide for Interpreting Nematode Assay Results is an an excellent resource. According to the resource above, growers should consider treatments for Southern rootknot nematode levels of 100 per 100 cc of soil at harvest.

Yield results are reported below. This plot was harvested on December 11 and 12 with a four row cotton picker. Plots were weighed with a calibrated boll buggy.

If you have any questions about this plot please contact your local county extension agent.

This plot could not be possible without the support of Bayer Crop Science, BASF, Aglogic, Dow, and Colquitt County FFA.

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