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A new law signed by the President is changing the current exemption that farmers have for hauling equipment, crops, and livestock.  Whereas a 150 mile radius was imposed to operate without a CDL before, producers may now travel across the state of Georgia hauling their equipment, crops, and livestock.  Outside of Georgia, producers can drive up to 150 miles from their farm.  This exemption applies to the vehicle(s) used by the agricultural producer and their employees.

The requirements for a vehicle to qualify for the exemption includes:

1) Is operated by a farm owner, or an employee or family member of the farmer.

2) Transports agricultural commodities, livestock, or machinery/supplies to and from a farm or ranch.

3) Is NOT operated for-hire (hauling for others for compensation).

4) Must NOT transport hazardous materials in quantities requiring the display of hazardous material warning placards.

To apply for the “Covered Farm Vehicle Designation,” please fill out the form (DPS TR0025) at:


For more information on the exemption requirements please visit the following website with information from Georgia Farm Bureau.


If you have question or concerns about this exemption, please feel free to contact me.

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