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Preliminary look at March 2015

Now that March is almost over, here are the preliminary maps from the High Plains Regional Climate Center showing temperature and precipitation departures from normal.  They show that March for most of the Southeast was warmer and drier than usual.  The warmth allowed quick germination and growth of newly planted…
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Cold temperatures this morning

As predicted, freezing temperatures made it down to Macon and even farther south this morning.  The map below from the Georgia Automated Weather Network at 7:30 am shows a broad area of cold temperatures covering most of the northern half of Georgia as well as some areas to the south….
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March so far warmer and drier than normal

We’re about halfway through March, and so far for the month the Southeast has been warmer and drier than normal across almost the entire region.  The warmth has been especially strong in Florida and southern Georgia.  Dry conditions in southern Alabama have contributed to the continuing drought there.  Generally the…
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