If you live along the Gulf Coast, this new free tool may help you identify the potential risks your home may be in danger of experiencing. When you put in your address, then it will use census tract data to determine the relative danger from different risks in the area and what kinds of insurance costs you can expect. You can read or listen to more information at the link below from Yale Climate Connections. The direct link in the article does not work but I have put it below the story link. If your address does not populate in the address field, there is no information available, most likely because you are not close enough to the Gulf Coast.

Free tool helps Gulf Coast residents identify potential risks to their homes » Yale Climate Connections


Hurricane Michael survivors in Colquitt, Ga. John Edward Wells with wife Marianne Wells and their granddaughter Maddie. (Joshua Sharpe/joshua.sharpe@ajc.com) Photo: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution