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NOAA: April 2022 tied as Earth’s fifth-warmest

NOAA released their latest monthly climate summary late last week. It shows that for the earth as a whole, April 2022 was tied with 2010 for the 5th warmest on record since the record began in 1880. You can read a story with the highlights from the month’s weather and climate at April 2022 tied as Earth’s fifth-warmest | National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ( or see all the gory statistics in their monthly report at April 2022 Global Climate Report | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) ( Note that for the year to date, the only places that are colder than normal are the Eastern Pacific where La Nina is still reigning and an area in the North Atlantic near Greenland that has been persistently colder than average, most likely related to either high glacial melt off of Greenland or a change in the global ocean circulation driven by salinity (or both). In April, the cold northern United States is related to La Nina.