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N.C. Pecan Growers Expect Plentiful Crop

This year’s crop of pecans has been very bountiful and the trees have been loaded with nuts. With such an active tropical season, producers have been concerned about the possibility of losing a large portion of those nuts as well as seeing damage to trees from tropical winds, as happened with Irma and Michael in previous years. Fortunately, this year’s landfalling tropical activity has been focused on Louisiana, and Isaias came earlier enough in the growing season to avoid the worst damage from its strong winds, so the crops have remained in good shape. Vegetable and Specialty Crop News posted a story this week about the pecan crop in North Carolina, which is one of the best in the last few years. Early varieties have been harvested already, with the bulk of the harvest coming in the next month or two. You can read more at

Source: USDA ARS