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Active hurricane season ends on Saturday November 30

November 30 marks the official end of the Atlantic hurricane season. This year has been a busy one, with 19 identified storms (only Tropical Depression 3 was not named), much more than the average of 12 per year. No storms are expected to develop by November 30, so that should be the official total for 2019 unless a rare storm develops in December. Not unprecedented, but certainly not usual.

The Southeast got off relatively easy this year, with Dorian mostly affecting the North Carolina and South Carolina coasts, and Nestor producing some heavy (and mostly welcome) rain. What will happen next year? Of course it is much too early to provide a reasonable forecast, but if the neutral conditions continue into next summer, we could see another fairly active year in 2020.  You can read more about the season from the Post and Courier here.

If you are interested in hearing whether or not hurricane activity is increasing over time, you will be interested to read this article by Dr. Roger Pielke answering some common questions about tropical activity over time here.