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Lessons coastal towns can learn from Hurricane Michael

Months after Hurricane Michael came onshore in the panhandle of Florida, many homeowners have barely begun to rebuild. This is due to a combination of lack of building materials and workers plus delays in getting relief money to the region. Driving through the region you can see many homes flattened by the waves and wind from the storm. But here and there are buildings that survived, and these can provide useful information to homeowners in other coastal communities which might be hit by the next big storm. The Charleston Post and Courier published a story about these lessons this weekend for Charleston, but the lessons could really be used anywhere in the Southeast where there are vulnerable coastal communities, both on the East Coast and along the Gulf. You can read the story here.

Oct. 14, 2016- The onshore pounding of waves and storm surge from Hurricane Matthew washed away parts of the protective dunes at Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Source: NOAA