Climate and Agriculture in the Southeast

Coldest April for the US in more than 20 years

NOAA’s latest climate summary for the US in April 2018 shows that this year was the coldest April since 1997, more than 20 years ago. The persistent pattern of a ridge of high pressure in the West and a trough of low pressure in the East along with the accompanying temperatures was well captured by the temperature anomaly map this month.  In the Southeast, most of the region was below normal in temperature except for the Florida peninsula, which remained above normal. Most of the Southeast was wetter than normal, with only two small spots of drier than normal conditions right where the current drought is occurring. For the year to date, most of the Southeast is normal to above normal in temperatures and drier than normal in precipitation, generally what you would expect in a La Niña winter.  You can read more and access state maps at or at Weather Underground at