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Thanks to all my readers!

Today marks the third anniversary of the “On the CASE” blog.  Since it started, I have had over 42,000 visits from a variety of users.  I appreciate everyone who comes to the site and enjoy the comments people send me.  I try to provide information on a variety of topics, including crops, livestock, forests, and coastal issues and how they relate to climate.

I used to have comments enabled on the site but after too many attempts to fill them with spam, turned them off.  However, you can always send me questions or comments at pknox “at”  If you have an interesting question or comment, I might even feature it on the blog (with permission, of course). I especially appreciate friend Dr. Tom Gill of UTEP for his links to interesting earth science stories on his Facebook page, Scott Doering and his “This Day in Weather History” Facebook page, the Southeastern Regional Climate Center for their great climate statistics for the Southeast, and the folks at NOAA and all of the work they do to provide timely climate summaries, outlooks and drought status reports as well as shorter-term weather forecasts and summaries of significant events.  Thanks to the Southeast Regional Climate Hub (USDA), I’ve got funding to continue the blog for the next year, and hope you will continue to enjoy the stories I share.  Thanks again for your presence and support!