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Changes to “On the CASE” blog

If you look carefully today you will note that I have made some changes to the logos on the right hand side of the blog page.  My USDA projects have now ended and are no longer supporting my work, so I have replaced them with the logo for the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, which is providing me with a half-time salary while I try to find more grant funding.  After this week’s news about the shut-down in the release of scientific information and funding and hiring freezes in EPA and USDA, I am concerned about the long-term viability of this blog (not to mention my job).  It is my intention to keep “On the CASE” going for as long as I can and hope that you will continue to find it useful and of interest.  If you are interested in reading more about what is happening at EPA and USDA, Ben Potter of AgWeb has a good synopsis at

Source: Thomas Bresson, Commons Wikimedia