While farmers can readily adapt to trends in climate by changing varieties or crop management strategies, those who grow trees are more likely to be affected by changing climate since the time span to harvest is so long.  EFETEC, the Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center, has a new tool which allows land owners and foresters to plan for changes in climate over time.  The tool is called TACCIMO, which is an acronym for  Template for Assessing Climate Change Impacts and Management Options.

The TACCIMO tool:

  • compiles climate change projections, literature-based impacts and management options, and Forest Service land and resource management plans in an online database;
  • synthesizes these inputs based on user-defined criteria; and
  • generates customized reports to aid forest planning and management

You can read more about TACCIMO at https://www.forestthreats.org/research/tools/taccimo or download a fact sheet here.

Source: US Forest Service
Source: US Forest Service