After a few more days of heat, the Southeast should get some welcome relief from the hot conditions, according to the Climate Prediction Center and other NWS outlets.  You can see the 6-10 day anomaly map at  Some of the extended models have the cooler conditions extending out through the first week of July.

I am attending the American Association of State Climatologists’ meeting this week in Cape May NJ.  Our little hotel’s internet is having trouble keeping up with 100 climatologists and their heavy data downloads, especially with the severe weather we had last night.  It knocked out power and cell phone service to many areas around our hotel, but fortunately not here.  In the meantime, enjoy this picture of cool green leaves!

Update PM: Unfortunately, the latest model runs for 8-14 days shows warmer and drier than normal conditions likely to be creeping back into the Southeast by the second week.  See the latest map below.  At least our internet is back!

Source: D Sharon Pruitt/Commons Wikimedia
Source: D Sharon Pruitt/Commons Wikimedia 6-24-2015