If you are a meteorologist, a bright sunny day with low humidity is dull and boring.  Photographers know it’s hard to take good photographs in harsh sunlight, so sunshine is not welcome to them either.  Rain, snow, fog and severe weather all bring their own special charms.

The Digital Photography School posted an article today listing five reasons why bad weather is good for photography.  All the things that make weather interesting also make for great pictures of the outdoors.  You can read the article here.

I use a lot of pictures from Commons Wikimedia in this blog.  If you like to look at weather pictures, that is a great place to start.  I picked two I liked below from that web site.  The first is a NOAA picture, the second of Madison WI (where I went to graduate school) in winter by Yinan Chen.

rain shaft commons wikimedia   Gfp-wisconsin-madison-sunset-over-the-ice-between-trees