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Row Crop Update (6/21/19)

CORN The big news in corn this week is that Southern Corn Rust has shown up in the state. There are several fields in Baker County and a confirmed field in Coffee County. This tells us that the pathogen is spread throughout South Georgia and also conditions continue to be…
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Irrigation Scheduling

We are in late June now which means our cotton and peanut water demands are increasing rapidly on a weekly basis. Some areas have received rainfall but many others have not. It is very important that we assess and apply water according to our crop needs. If our weather pattern…
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Row Crop Update (6/14/19)

Corn We have a lot of older corn in the county that has put on a nice ear and we’re starting to see a lot of silks turning brown. The rain and cool weather this week has certainly been a relief for all our crops, especially corn. I have been…
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