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by Bob Kemerait

Rain for many growers is, as Luke Bryan says, “is a good thing” for growing a crop, but the combination of rain, warm temperatures, and corn approaching tassel does raise the ante for some important diseases.

As of this morning, I don’t know of ANY soybean rust or southern corn rust in Georgia.  

As corn approaches tassel, growers, especially those hoping for high yields, should ask themselves whether a fungicide is warranted now or not. As NO southern corn rust or tar spot are known in Georgia yet, I believe growers can take a “wait and see approach” and save, for now, on the expense of an application. Given weather  conditions at the moment and the price of corn, I can understand why some corn growers in SW GA are already spraying their crop for insurance. I’d probably do the same.

Oh, by the way- I have been asked if I thought with current very warm conditions and now with moisture if it would be prudent for peanut growers to have some protection against white mold prior to 60 days after planting.  I think the answer is “yes”. If you are using straight chlorothalonil, I’d mix 7.2 fl oz of teb with it.

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