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Weather continues to be extremely favorable for infection and development of disease in our row crops.  Rain is a very good thing and I don’t want all of it to go away, but rain now is not only resulting in development of disease but also keeping growers (and me) from making timely fungicide applications. Some peanut fields are at 60 days and only sprayed once; a few not even sprayed.

Image 1- screen shot of sulfur products tested by Dr. Albert Culbreath. Those circled have all performed VERY well when tank mixed at 5 lb/A with fungicides such as azoxystrobin (Abound) pyraclostrobin (Headline) and, more or less, with tebuconazole. Those encircled products restore leaf spot activity to some fungicides that have lost activity. These sulfur products also performed well when mixed with Umbra and Excalia.

Can growers mix at lower rates of sulfur, say 3 lb/A?  The answer is probably”yes” but I am most comfortable recommending 5 lb until I receive further data.

Can growers mix other sulfur products with same results? The answer is “probably” but some products have not performed as well as those encircled.  More will be tested. I do not recommend any that are not on that list, no matter how close the name may be.

Pictures 2 – looked very very closed to bacterial blight on cotton, except for the crinkled leaves. Consultant told me not bacterial blight but rather a hydraulic fluid leak from the tractor. How did they figure it out?? Pattern in the field. Not everything can be diagnosed from a picture alone.  Sometimes you need to get out there and look.

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