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Silverleaf Whitefly Management a Priority Roberts Silverleaf whiteflies (SLWF) are being observed in areas which have historically had infestations. A few localized fields have exceeded threshold and been treated. These infestations are much earlier than normal and likely are a result of increased winter survival due to the lack of cold temperatures. Management of SLWF must be a priority. It is important that you know if SLWF are present in your area. When present SLWF must be a part of every decision you make. Only spray insecticides for other pests based on the use of scouting and thresholds. Conservation of beneficial insects must be a priority. When treating other insect pests, avoid insecticides which are prone to flare SLWF. See the recent publication Sampling and Managing Whiteflies in Georgia Cotton for additional information at the following link: https://extension.uga.edu/publications/detail.html?number=C1184
SLWF adults

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