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As of yesterday (June 1), Southern corn rust has been confirmed in Wayne County in Southeast Georgia on early planted corn, R3-R4 growth stage. As of today (June 2), Grady County also has confirmed SCR. At this time, we have not confirmed any Southern corn rust in Worth County. To view the current status of Southern corn rust, visit the following link: https://corn.ipmpipe.org/southerncornrust/

Corn growers in our area should be on alert and consider a protective fungicide treatment at this time. There are many fungicide options available (as seen below). These can all perform well when applied ahead of the disease. Some things to consider from Dr. Kemerait, UGA Extension Plant Pathologist:

  1. Single mode-of-action products are “good” but have a two-week protective window.
  2. Mixed mode-of-action products have a three-week protective window and better efficacy than do single mode of action products.  Products like these work well, especially when risk is heightened but fields are sprayed before rust is established in a field.

Below is the Field Corn Disease Control section of the GA Pest Management Handbook. The third column, MOA, shows the Mode of Action for various products labeled.

If we can be of assistance at Worth County Extension, please let us know.

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