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There has been some questions about late season tropical spiderwort in peanuts getting closer to digging time. There has also been questions about this weed in corn or post harvest control for peanut rotation the next season.

For current peanut production, there is not many good options this late for tropical spiderwort. Strongarm is the only option that has POST activity but there are rotational restriction concerns. As a reminder Dual, Warrant, and Zidua only provide residual control.

For rotation to cotton and/or corn the restriction is 18 months, and this is why this late as a POST treatment is problematic.

After post harvest of corn, if tropical spiderwort populations are heavy it is important to control the populations leading into next season, especially for peanut rotation. Tilling is an option but it will be needed repeatedly until a frost. Tropical Spiderwort can produce seed in 30-40 days so repeated tilling will have to be done to be successful. Paraquat is an option to help reduce populations, but will most likely need to be sprayed twice to work well. Either way these two options will help reduce tropical spiderwort populations for the next season.

Here are good programs in peanut for tropical spiderwort.

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