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We have had some discussions with Dr. Kemerait (UGA Plant Pathologist) this week on disease updates. In peanuts, white mold is currently of most concern. Early outbreaks of white-mold is based upon very hot temperatures in the recent past and now ample rainfall and soil moisture. Whether banded early season applications of Proline (5.7 fl oz) or including something as simple as tebuconazole (7.2 fl oz/A) with the first applications of chlorothalonil, or bumping up Priaxor to 8 fl oz or starting with the 7.3 oz Elatus at 45 days after planting, doing SOMETHING for white mold could be very helpful.  Also, continuing the season with strong white mold/leaf spot programs is essential as well.

Here is the link to the UGA peanut page to find Peanut Disease Rx’s for various companies https://peanuts.caes.uga.edu/

Still there is currently no southern rust found in the state. We will continue to scout corn in the county as well and see how disease and stink bug pressures change/progress.