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CORN – Southern Corn Rust has NOT been found in Georgia this year. We have had a little common rust and a little Northern Corn Leaf Blight confirmed in lower SW Georgia; common rust is not a problem for us.  The corn crop for our earliest planting dates is approaching tassel.  Given no known southern rust in the state and the VERY HOT AND DRY conditions over the next two weeks, a fungicide spray on the corn is not urgent.  The risk for disease in corn is fairly low right now, but growers can choose to make a fungicide application if desired.

SOYBEAN – Asian soybean rust has now been found on KUDZU (not soybeans) in the following Counties as of 5/21/2019:  Baker, Grady, Appling, Lowndes, Thomas, Tattnall.  Dr. Bob Kemerait states, “Basically, soybean rust is present across the lower Coastal Plain at a greater frequency than I have seen since it first appeared in 2004.  The overall impact on our soybean crop will depend on weather (hot and dry slows it down) BUT THIS IS NOT THE YEAR FOR COMPLACENCY.”

HOT and DRY weather, and we are still in the month of May.  Some diseases that growers may see under these conditions include Aspergillus Crown Rot in peanuts and Charcoal Rot in corn, soybeans, or cotton.  Also, nematode damage on all crops and Fusarium wilt in cotton are more obvious when environmental stresses affect the plants.

If you have questions, or if you see problems in the field, give us a call at the Worth County Extension Office at 229-776-8216.