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We have had some interest here in Worth County to plant satsumas, grapefruit, etc. There has been some acres that were planted this week. This is a newer crop to this area and will be produced by some on a larger scale. We will be learning a lot about citrus production throughout this process as it will take some time to start producing fruit (Usually in the 3rd year). The satsuma has a cold tolerant rootstock in which was grafted and is essential to be able to grow in this area of the state. The winters are very sporadic in South Georgia.

Attached below are some good resources on citrus production and management for us to go by. It is a good foundation of resources to start with and we can build off of what we know now and come up with future needs of research as we move along. Listed below you will find descriptions of the satsuma cultivars, fertility, freeze protection, pruning, weed management, etc.

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Citrus Maintenance Schedule (1)

Production Practices in the SE US (1)

Satsuma info Alabama (1)

The Satsuma Mandarin UFext (1)

Weed Control in Citrus (1)


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