The Draft Regional Water Plans for Georgia have been finalized and are available for public comment.  The Draft Plans can be found on the Draft Regional Water Plan website.

On the site you will be able to click on the Regional Water Council you are interested in reviewing and the website looks like:


On the site, if you click on any of the Regional Water Council sites, there are three additional options (as shown here for the Upper Oconee Regional Water Plan)


These are:

Draft Updated Regional Water Plan

Summary of Plan Updates

Water and Wastewater Forecasting Technical Memo


The Draft Updated Regional Water Plans are Sectioned as follows (Some are Indexed and some are not, but the overall format is the same):

Section 1.  Introduction

Section 2.  Background information on Regional Water Council

– History and Geography

– Characteristics

– Local Policy

Section 3.  Water Resources in Region

– Major Water Use in Region

– Current Conditions resource Assessments

– Ecosystems Conditions and In-Stream Use

Section 4.  Forecasting Future Water Resources

– Municipal

– Industrial

– Agricultural

– Water for Thermoelectric

– Total Water Demand and Wastewater Flow

Section 5.  Comparison of Available Resource Capacity and Future Needs

– Groundwater

– Surface Water

– Surface Water Quality

– Summary of Potential Issues

Section 6.  Addressing Water Needs and Regional Goals

– Identifying Water Management Practices

– Selected Water Management Practices

Section 7.  Implementing Water Management Practices

– Implementation schedule

– Fiscal Implications

– Alignment with Other Plans

– Recommendations to the State

Section 8.  Monitoring and Reporting Progress

– Benchmarks

– Plan Updates

– Plan amendments