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You might be a Health Nerd if…

…you LOVE looking up “Nutrient Density” scores. Wait, what? Why?


Here at Walk Georgia, we want you to MOVE MOVE MOVE; but how do you get there?

How do you gain motivation after 5pm? before 7am? after a drab day? when it’s cold? Thursday’s blog posts will be devoted to “thinking about it”. We want to take the time to discover the things that come between you and fitness.

In order to “move” you must have the proper fuel. Viewing food as fuel is the foundation.

Food = fuel. Food can be described a lot of ways (delicious, savory, fatty, healthy), but it cannot be defined any other way. We like to think food acts as electricity. If I’m plugged in to good nutrition habits I’m bright, I’m ON! When I’m getting improper nutrition my brain flickers, my skin is dull, and I can’t function, I’m OFF. Food is the power behind our actions, and makes us light up! or flicker.

Look at this chart and see the numbers for yourself: Powerhouse Fruits and Vegetables by Ranking of Nutrient Density Scores 2014

It’s no secret that vegetables are the number one fuel out there. But WHY? Because they are NUTRIENT dense. No crazy science here. Now you’re a health nerd too (and after only a few paragraphs)! Wow, didn’t take long to convince you! So go treat yourself to some premium fuel!

Move more, Live more,

The Walk Georgia Team