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Would You Ever Consider a “Fitcation”?

Georgia paddle boarding

Most of us were able to find a day or two to get away this summer. And it was great! There was the sweltering sun, fried seafood, mounds of sandy laundry– the life, right?

Ok, we’ll admit that the smell of salt, the music of marimbas, and sleeping to the sound of ocean waves is appealing, but the sugar, crowds and costs always leave us in a rut. If you’re looking for gorgeous views and a clear mind, consider joining us this fall as we explore locations for a “fitcation”! The “fitcation” has the same end goals as a traditional vacation: a clear mind, good food, and beautiful scenery, but with a smaller bottom line and waist line. This fall, one of our Walk Georgia Team members is planning a “fitcation”, and we’ll take you along (metaphorically speaking)!

The first place we plan to look for the ultimate “Fitcation” are Georgia’s Lodge Parks. Georgia has seven state parks equipped with beautiful lodges that range from a massive Antebellum island mansion to a modern glass-walled lodge overlooking the north Georgia mountains.

Check them out, pick your favorite, and tune in next week as we plan our activities!