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Why Fourth Graders are the Luckiest Kids in Georgia (& the U.S.)

Ever wanted to go to Yosemite? Get to the Grand Canyon? To Hot Springs, or even just up the road to the Great Smoky Mountains? Ever heard of the “Every Kid in a Park” initiative? Because it’s pretty awesome, and if you have a fourth-grader, it can get you both there!

The initiative began late last year to encourage children to visit U.S. National Parks (and other public lands and waters). All fourth graders in the country receive free admission to National Parks, along with their family or friends. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, and they wanted to celebrate big! It means losing a few million dollars every year for the National Park Service, but they think it’s worth it to teach your kid how to Move More, so they can Live More!

You can also get involved this spring by taking your kids to our annual Walk Georgia Night at the Hawks event for just $19, or by encouraging your child’s teacher to participate in our contest with partner Power Up for 30! Be an example for your kids and get involved this spring; track your activity and your adventures on Walk Georgia and teach the next generation that living well and being active can be free.

-The Walk Georgia Team