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Walk Star: Sheila Carver

Sheila Carver, Bibb County Extension secretary, has lost 100 pounds as a participant in the Walk Georgia program. We asked her to share what she enjoys about exercising and how she stays motivated.

What motivates you to stay healthy:

Walk Georgia motivated me to get healthy. I had been a caretaker of my husband with health issues for 12 years. I continuously gained weight and was not physically active at all. In our office, I participated on a Walk Georgia team and did not want to be the one to let the team down (my team captain was a tyrant). I am also diabetic and am trying for better blood sugar control. Participating in Walk Georgia was a win-win situation.

What do you enjoy most about exercising?

I hated exercise, but after doing it for a couple of weeks, I noticed being able to move better.

What do you do to stay fit?

I joined a gym and participate in water aerobics.

How do you make time for exercise?

I make it a priority because now it’s  something I do for me.


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