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Walk Star: Mae Randall

Mable RandallMae Randall of Macon was the 2nd place individual and top Golden Age winner (61+) for Bibb County in the 2012 Walk Georgia program.

“I have been involved in the program for years, and I have learned that you can achieve anything if you stay focused,” Ms. Randall said.

She first heard about the program from her sister and has spread the word to others. Ms. Randall was the Bibb County’s top walker in 2011. She ‘walked’ an equivalent of 1314 miles that year.

Last year, she encouraged her friend Hariet Haynes to join Walk Georgia. Because of Ms. Randall’s encouragement, Ms. Haynes was the top walker in 2012. Ms. Randall said she allowed her to get ahead and win, but this year she plans on taking back the top walker spot.

“My exercise partner was Ms. Haynes. I encouraged her, and she won the individual with the highest miles walked; I will not let that happen again,” she said.

Ms. Haynes said, “When I first started walk Georgia, I was very unsure of what to do. I was not sure why I was doing it, but I continued anyway. By the end of the sixth week, I was very tired and bored. I called my good friend Ms. Randall and told her I had had enough. She told me not to give up; maybe just slow down. I told her I would try to hang in. The next morning I got up around 4 a.m. with more energy and determination than ever before. I found a great routine and was very consistent. I have to thank Walk Georgia and my friend Ms. Randall because I lost over 23 pounds and three dress sizes.”

Since participating in Walk Georgia, she now takes time to exercise and walk daily. “It has become a part of my life style,” Ms. Randall said. “I laugh about how I wake up thinking about my workout for that day, and how I am going to out-walk my partner.”

Ms. Randall also found that by losing weight through the program, it helped her health issues. “I am in better health now than when I started the program,” she said.

Her friends that were also participating in the program kept her motivated. Her favorite part was sharing her experience with her friends and keeping up with everyone’s miles. “I have met many people. When I see them in various places, we talk about our plans and how we are going the win big the next time,” Ms. Randall said.

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