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Walk Star: Ann Centner

Ann Centner is the Family and Consumer Science Extension Public Service Professional for Early County in southwest Georgia. She was drawn to working with Extension because of the different daily activities she gets to do, travel opportunities, and because she gets to put her Family and Consumer Science knowledge to the test while doing outreach in her community.

Ann is a strong advocate for Walk Georgia and took time out of her busy schedule to talk with our team about how physical activity and Walk Georgia have helped her accomplish her health and wellness goals.

Before joining Extension, Ann ran cross country in high school and in college ran both track and cross country for the University of Georgia. When asked why she was drawn to cross country, Ann explained that she started running because she loves experiences that challenge her. She told me that her dad originally did not want her to run because she had bad feet. That didn’t deter her, and she went on to be named Northeast Georgia Athlete of the Year during her senior year of high school.

Being an athlete has given Ann a special relationship with physical activity and exercise. Anne states, “Sports have taught me patience, perseverance, endurance, dedication, and the meaning of hard work. Sports connected me with numerous motivated, passionate, and inspirational people.”

But Ann recognizes that exercise and physical activity are not all gold and glory. Ann, like many people, still has difficulties keeping physical activity a priority in her life:

“The hardest part for me is having an off day. When I have an off day of running it’s hard to push away those negative feelings of worry that I am completely out of shape.”

But then patience and perseverance kick in! She has sound advice for anyone struggling with becoming and staying physically active:

“Just start. It really doesn’t matter how much you start with or what you start with. Just build from where you are. Goal setting is also very important. Come up with a reasonable goal and a reward for yourself!”

Coincidentally, one of Ann’s favorite features from the Walk Georgia website is the option to set a goal on the “My Goals” page. She’s also a huge fan of the Walk Georgia blog, “Information and inspiration are critical to helping me reach my health and wellness goals,” she says.

So in honor of Ann and the great work that she does and will continue to do, let’s all become inspired to move more and live more, no matter what!

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