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This Weekend We Beg You: Sleep In!

Advice on diet and exercise is everywhere these days, on television, radio, and in newspapers and magazines. Even though you have access to a plethora of information on diet and exercise, you can still feel burned out if you’re missing just one thing: sleep.

Sleep is the third piece of the health trifecta. Getting great sleep won’t exempt you from disease, but multiple studies have found a link between insufficient sleep and serious health problems. One study conducted by researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston simulated the the disturbed sleep patterns of shift workers on 10 healthy adults. After just a few days, three of the participants had blood glucose levels that would be categorized as pre-diabetic.

Proper sleep can also help you maintain a healthy weight, by regulating your hormones and boosting your willpower!

Some other benefits of turning off the lights early tonight are:

  • Spurring creativity: Sleep strengthens emotional components of memory, spurring the creative process.
  • Lower risk of injury: Insufficient sleep can be as detrimental as driving under the influence of alcohol.
  • Positivity: You can gain more emotional stability by being well-rested.
  • Better memory: Your mind is still busy while you snooze. If you’re trying to learn something new, head to bed after you study. Your brain processes the new skills while you’re asleep.

While Thomas Edison may have branded sleep “a criminal waste of time”, and Margaret Thatcher may have said “sleep is for wimps”, we have come a long way in our understanding of the restorative power of sleep. For those of you who want to take control of your sleep habits, here are some tips:

  • At least half an hour before you go to bed, turn down the lights!
  • Turn off your phone, computer, or anything that keeps your mind active and awake.
  • Limit your caffeine intake after 12pm

So while we usually tell you to “Move More, Live More”, this weekend: Sleep More, Live More!