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Hamburg State Outdoor Recreation Area

The 1921 gristmill at Hamburg State Outdoor Recreation Area

Not only a site for boating, fishing and hiking, Hamburg State Outdoor Recreation Area also houses a 1921 gristmill and museum. Camping is seasonal and opened March 15; self-registration is used to book campsites…
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Keeping Active While on the Road

tying shoelaces on sneaker

Are you planning a holiday trip, or do you travel a lot for your job? Being away from home can disrupt your exercise routine and lead to unwanted weight gain and stress. By thinking ahead, you can still include daily physical activity in your busy schedule…
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Corn Pancakes

Corn pancakes with syrup

Corn pancakes are delicious for breakfast. But topped with some salsa and low fat sour cream, they are also great as a side dish for lunch or dinner…
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Red Top Mountain

Red Top Mountain 1869 Log Cabin

Red Top Mountain on Lake Allatoona offers history lessons along with its lovely areas to swim, hike, bike and camp. Once a location for smelting iron, the park offers “iron pours” at various times of the year to demonstrate how iron was once produced in local iron furnaces…
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Run for Your Life

Man sprints to beat stop watch

Like other exercises, running and jogging can help you to control your weight. You burn about 30 percent more calories running than walking because your body works harder to move faster…
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