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State Park: Watson Mill

Watson Mill Covered Bridge

Looking for places to visit during spring break? One of north Georgia’s most picturesque state parks is Watson Mill State Park. This park features the longest remaining covered bridge in the state.
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Take-the-Stairs Tuesday! GO GREEN!

Today’s “Take-the-Stairs Tuesday” encourages you to rise to the occasion!   We hope you’ve taken that extra flight today! To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day we’ve listed some other ways to keep your body and mind healthy, so STEP UP this Tuesday!   –Go Green: Celebrate tonight by helping the Marietta…
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A Very Special Post, Part 2

Walk Georgia new winged sneaker logo

How to get Jolly without the Jiggle, Part 2: It’s hard to believe this is the last week of our pilot session! We hope each of you sees progress inside yourself. No matter how big (or small) your goals are regarding physical fitness, if you made just one. single. step. toward that goal, you are living…
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A Very Special Post, Part 1

How to get Jolly without the Jiggle: Next week is our very last week of the pilot (!), which lines up perfectly with the holidays. We have a feeling most Walk Georgians will continue to stay active, because above all, it makes you feel awesome. However, the holidays pose a special problem….
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