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State Park: Etowah Mounds Historic Site

EtowahMoundsHome to Native Americans one thousand years ago, this 54-acre historic site protects six earthen mounds, a plaza, village site, and more. The Etowah Indian Mounds is the most intact Mississippian Culture site in the Southeast. While only 9 percent of this site has been excavated, examination of the site and artifacts has revealed much about the people who lived here. Stop by the museum to see these artifacts and how the natives lived.

Visitors can also follow a nature trail along the Etowah River where they can view a v-shaped fish trap and learn how this culture used trees for food and medicine. For a more enjoyable visit, it is recommended that you plan to spend 1-2 hours at the site.

Location: Cartersville, northwest Georgia

Hours:  9AM-5PM, Tuesday-Saturday

Admission:  $2.00 – $6.00

Things To Do:

  • Walk on the nature trail
  • Climb the mounds
  • Have a picnic
  • Visit the museum

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