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Walking School Buses

girl with backpack walking to school

By Jay Morris, Walk Georgia Intern August is here! That means school will be starting soon, if it hasn’t already! Which also means you should plan your commute to avoid the students as they flood back into town, or map out the best route to keep you from getting stuck…
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Go: Hard Labor Creek State Park + Perseid Shooting Star Party

milky way and perseids

Walk Georgia is stopping by Hard Labor Creek State Park for this outdoors feature. This state park is located between the towns of Madison and Covington right off of I-20. Hard Labor is famous for its Creek Golf Course. The pristine, well-maintained golf course draws golf enthusiasts from all over to…
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Recipe: 5 A Day Salad

Five-A-Day Salad

Eating salad is tasty way to get your daily servings of vegetables. This 5 a day salad gets its name from the fact that each serving of this salad gives you five total servings of veggies! That means you can make this salad at the beginning of the week, and then…
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Waltzing towards Wellness

By Supriya Venigalla, MD, MPH This week, Walk Georgia’s focus is on a fun activity that will keep you smiling even while you sweat — dancing. An art form that is based on a rhythmic sequence of movements, dance is practiced all over the world. Different cultures have their own…
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Go: Smithgall Woods State Park + Gold Fever

Today we’re making a trek to Helen, Ga. in White County to explore Smithgall Woods State Park. This state park is situated in the North Georgia mountains. With 5 miles of trails and 18 miles of roads, hikers and bicyclists alike can explore the area at their leisure. There is also…
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Recipe: Black Bean Wrap with Jicama-Grilled Corn Salsa

bell peppers

Summer means bell pepper harvesting, and that’s what Walk Georgia is focusing on this week. Despite being available all year, the general consensus is that bell peppers are tastiest during the summer! These peppers are a great source of Vitamin E and antioxidants. Both of these nutrients boost the immune system…
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Beware the Health Halo

By Jordan Lord BS, BSFCS and Alison Berg, PhD, RDN, LD Have you ever accepted that second slice of pie because it was “low carb” or “fat free?” Maybe you ate a whole sleeve of cookies, but weren’t that worried about it because they were labeled “organic.” This phenomenon, known…
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