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Our New Year’s Countdown…

The New Year is the perfect time to renew your commitment to becoming the best version of you.

2016 may mean a new routine or it may mean any routine! As long as you are moving more, you are living more!

The Walk Georgia Team compiled our favorite thoughts, tips and tricks that motivate us to move, even in January when the days are short, the temps low and our spirits usually follow suit!

10. Recording my accomplishments. I log my records with each workout. It is so encouraging to see that just four weeks ago, I could do a single chin-up. Now I can do seven!

9. Gear. I don’t store my workout clothes in a drawer, they stay out so I pass them. I only allow myself to wear those special clothes to the gym, so unless they are in the wash, they are begging me to be used every other day!

8. YouTube. Thank goodness for it. It’s intimidating to work out around others, so I often research and YouTube the exercises I’m interested in doing first, practice them in my house with a broom, and then hit the gym!

7. Visualization. More than half the battle for me is just getting there. I try to picture myself going through the motions of my first few exercises and it doesn’t seem as difficult.

6. My mental wellbeing! I can really tell when I’m slacking off, especially mentally! My temper flares when I haven’t gotten enough time into raising that heart rate.

5. A friend and I do challenges sometimes, like 30-day challenges that increase the number of squats/lunges we do per day.

4. Putting on work out clothes. This, strangely enough, helps a lot. The moment I wear them, I feel all pumped.

3. Music. Any music that makes me want to dance (I’d rather dance than lift weights…) So basically, keeping track of all the new music that comes out via the radio, Spotify and YouTube.

2. My kids. I want and need to keep up with their active selves!

1. Sleep! I sleep much better when I exercise regularly.

What’s on your top 10 list? Send an email to to let us know!