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Share your thoughts—take our survey!

Walk Georgia new winged sneaker logoThe Walk Georgia pilot website continues to grow and improve. Thank you for your feedback—we couldn’t do it without you!

If you’ve participated in the pilot this summer, please take our survey. It doesn’t take too long, and we need your feedback!

Here are the changes we’re rolling out now:

  • The design of the “My Activity” page has been completely updated. Last week, we updated the page design for individual groups; today we bring in some of those same design elements to the “My Activity” page. The page has been optimized for speed, and cleaned up to remove broken links and bugs. We’ve added the redesigned “Quick Stats” area with the same colors and “click-to-show-details” feature as the widget we added to the new group page design.
  • We added more entries when viewing your past activity. Until now, you’ve only been able to see the five most-recent entries. Now, by clicking the button below “Past Activity,” you are redirected to a page with all of your past activity. You can search on this page by keyword—if you want to find all the times you went hiking, you just type “hiking” into the search bar and press “Go” for results. You can also search by a date range. Further, you can edit your activity from this page if you notice an error. Changes go straight to your stats!
  • We’re starting to roll out some of the website’s search functionality. Clicking the magnifying glass icon on the top bar will allow you to search for things, like public groups.
  • In addition, all of these design updates have been optimized for mobile devices. We want the new features to look as good on your phone as they do on the computer, and we’ve made some huge improvements to the speed and functionality of the mobile version.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, please email us at . Thank you for participating in our pilot program!

Move more, live more,
The Walk Georgia team